Privacy Policy

We do our best to make everthing as save as possible

Privacy Policy something that almost no one reads and almost no one cares about. However its still very important we do our best to make this as simple and pleasant as possible to read.

Privacy Policy Version 1.0.0 Last updated on 18 aug 2020


Table of Content


About us and our Policy

tnshr is a indepented website. In this policy we explain what, when and how we collect date and use it on tnshr website. Its possible that we update this policy and we will highlight this for 15 days to notify the visitors and users. Typos are updated without notifying.

If you cant find your question answerd then please feal free to contact us by filling in the contact form.



Data Collection and Usage

We collect data to see how many people view a specific post. To do this we use a uncryptable version of your ip address that stays the same on every visit. We also collect the country, state and city that you are visiting this website from. We use this information to make our content better that we serve back to the visiters and we could serve local content to you. This data stays within tnshr website.

When filling in a form we only ask for required information. If you are registrating for a new account then please do not fill in personal information for your username as this will be publicy availible. Email adres is required for confirmation when creating a new account.

You are always free to remove your account from tnshr website. You can remove your account under the settings page of your profile.


Third Party

We do not work with a third party and we are not giving away the data that we collect (see data collection and usage) to any third party.

There are cookies set by third party that will be called when opening a post or page. See cookies below.



We require a few cookies. Below are the names and origins with information.

  • User cookie (functional)
    When you sign in to the website we need a special key to now who is logged in. So we save this into a cookie this cookie is always unique for every user that signs in.

  • Twitter cookies (third party)
    Some post have a twitter embed code this requires a twitter js file that is loaded from twitter itself. This also places cookies. More information can be found on the twitter website.

  • YouTube cookies (not used)
    The youtube videos embed do not set cookies on this website however when you click on the link and open youtube then they will place cookies on your device.

  • reCAPTCHA Cookies (third party)
    reCAPTCHA is made by Google and protects unwanted form fill-ins. We require this on pages that are not behind the sign in. Like contact and registration forms. This way we can keep the website free from spam. reCAPTHA is a external service and places cookies when visiting a form page. You agree that we may load in this service when visiting on of these pages. Please visit the Google Privacy Policy for more information.

  • Links in post
    The links we place in our articles / posts have there own cookie policy when clicked on them. Please visit there Privacy Policy for more information on how they use it.