Terms of Use

These are the terms of the website

These are our term of use we do are best to make this as complete as possible. The websites will be adding a lot of new things in the future make sure to check this regularly. If you have any question about our terms then feal free to contact us.

Terms of Use Version 1.0.0 Last updated on 18 aug 2020


Table of Content


Intellectual Property

All content posted on this website are property of there respectfull owner or the licence givers. A large portion of the content is protected by authors right. The content may not be copied, changed, publiced or represented for any type of commercial usage.



The tnshr website are presented as it was made. The website can change over time with new functionalities or functions can be removed. Its possible that the website has a downtime or is not presented correctly to the visiters. This can happen beyond our control when the website has to many visitors or the server needs to be updated. We hold the right that any content posted on this website to edit or remove from the website at any given time. We also hold the right to remove users from website.

You are not allowed to damage our content in any way possible.



Some content on tnshr website may be inappropriate for children below a certain age. Embeded videos or music will have a age restriction on them to make more clear for what age group the content is appropriate for. 



You are responsible for any content that you submit to the tnshr website. You are not allowed to post content that you have no rights for. You are not allowed to discriminate or be offensive. You are not allowed to use this platform for commercial goals.

We hold the right that any content posted by a user account that we can use it in any way we want for an eternity and worldwide without receiving any royalties for the user. We are allowed to change, to copy, to use or to publish any content that the user submit. You distance any right that is on the content that you submited.


Links to other websites

We do not check websites that are linked on this website. Every website have there own Term of Use and Privacy Policy please check those websites for the required information.


Disclamer of Liability

We do not give any guarantee for the correctness, reliability or completeness of any information posten on the this website. We are not responsible for any external link clicked on the website.